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Whether it’s a finishing touch to your new home, or a new statement modernising the look for your older residence, glass balustrades are transformative and stylish. Thanks to Glass Squad’s professional knowledge of glass balustrades we know how they can transform the look of your staircase, bringing personal style to your home. As well as being great for safety, a well made glass balustrade in your property can showcase high end materials that make a stylish statement.


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Glass Bannisters that make a statement

When we deliver and install glass banisters in homes across the UK and we give our customers so much more than just a handrail for the side of their staircase. As well as structural stability and functionality, our glass banisters and glass stair banister work is known for adding both style and sophistication to homes. We can create the look you want, at a price you will appreciate. Whether it’s a sweeping staircase or a smaller staircase, our glass bannister will deliver both elegant style and understated charm.

Balustrades for Indoor and Outdoor Style

Whether it’s an internal glass balustrade for your home’s interior, or a garden glass balustrade for your lawn space, we’ll ensure that you get the style you want and a result you can trust. Using high end materials, such as stainless steel posts and high quality glass, each of our internal glass balustrade projects offer industry leading guarantees, ensuring customer satisfaction every time. For some, our glass balustrades may need a handrail,
for others, the style is complete with just glass balustrade stairs compliment your home with that extra elegance. For those fortunate enough to have outdoor space to enjoy, our garden glass balustrade choices deliver all the options you could want, with all the quality you deserve.

Why use Glass Balustrades in your home?

Beautiful glass balustrades can make a real statement, adding class and style to any home. At Glass Squad, we believe that a bespoke glass bannister or glass balustrades can create a look that defines your personal preferences while adding safety to your staircases. There are many reasons people go for glass balustrades in their properties. For some, the safety of sturdy, high quality glass balustrade stairs in their townhouse gives peace of mind as well as a lovely look. Others like to install our high quality glass balustrades, with the addition of stylish glass handrails to reflect their modern style but with a timeless feature. Choosing glass balustrades for can sometimes modernize, but can also help create or maintain a traditional look.

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