Optiwhite Glass

Do you need transparent glass in the size you choose? Order OptiWhite glass - choose the shape of the glass, its thickness and type of edge finish, enter the dimensions and order colorless Optiwhite glass with delivery to the indicated place.

What is OptiWhite glass?
OptiWhite glass, unlike classic glass, is discolored glass - i.e. almost completely devoid of the green tint, typical of ordinary float glass. The color of this glass is bluer and much brighter and more delicate, which, due to the neutral tint, improves the quality of the image behind the glass. OptiWhite has an almost perfectly transparent and smooth surface. Due to its above-average transparency, this discolored glass is perfect for use in any case where unobstructed visibility and color tones of the image placed on it are required (e.g. museums, shop windows...).

Edge Finishing Available Options