When it comes to visually stunning and light creating flat rooflights we know how to deliver. From closed in, darker spaces we can fit roof light windows in your property to add transformative effect to any room in the home.

Double Glazing Frameless Rooflight

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Triple Glazing Frameless Rooflight

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Rooflights windows of all styles

With a choice of sizes and styles, our rooflights are made to measure and we are focused on customised, bespoke customer specifications. Using high end materials and innovative techniques, our installation experts offer rooflights that work for any property. Whether you’re looking for modernising glass roof lights to illuminate your kitchen we will customise with care, and deliver with quality.

Why should you consider roof lights for your project?

Rooflights offer many benefits and advantages. They provide a free source of unlimited, natural light, helping you cut down on electricity bills, while providing a number of health benefits over artificial lighting. Rooflights also provide environmental benefits by less use of electricity or harmful fossil fuels. Flat roof lights, and other rooflights are a useful design too, used by architects to provide a unique aesthetic, using rooflights to bring extra character and life to a space. Additionally, using rooflights and rooflights for flat roofs help to increase the feeling of space into a room, as roof light windows make a room seem more open, considerably larger, more spacious and less cramped. Our rooflights are designed to match perfectly with our windows and doors, providing a suite of matching products which are perfectly adaptable to any project. Call us today for all your rooflight needs, we’re here to shed light on your home.

Double Glazing Rooflights

Our double glazed rooflights will look stunning in your home. Available in a four panel configuration for smaller roofs, or with more panels for larger spaces, our rooflights are great for aesthetics and thermally efficient. For flat or pitched roofs (up to 25 degree pitch) people looking for rooflights should consider our roof lights for homes of many kinds.

Triple Glazing Rooflights

Triple glazed offer energy efficiency above that of double glazed, with 5% of all windows bought in the UK triple glazed. Triple glazed rooflights are great for keeping heat in and cold out. With our rooflights and flat rooflights, that additional pane of glass in a window unit will improve heat retention substantially and ensure the room below is warmer- a lifesaver during the cold winter months. The spaces between the three panes of glass in a triple glazed window unit are commonly filled with a gas to improve insulation further, another benefit of triple glazed rooflights.

Where should your Rooflights be located?

When it comes to rooflights getting maximum natural daylight from above is important for the look you want to create in your home. With every new build project, start by looking at the direction of the windows and the sun, which should directly affect where the roof light windows are installed. Although skylights and flat rooflights let in light all day, the direction your home faces effects brightness at different times of the day.

For all rooflights and rooflights for flat roofs properties, such as flat roof lights on some of our kitchen extensions, consider what time of day you want natural light flooding in, when it would benefit you most for your lifestyle. Then you should consider the orientation of the building and where to put the rooflight to make this vision a reality, all great tips when installing rooflights in London homes, all things that should be considered.

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