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Rooflights and skylights in London homes are the ideal way of creating more natural light in loft conversions, studios, apartments, stairwells and extensions. Our custom made rooflights are found in properties all across London, made to precise customer styles and specification, manufactured to the highest standards, with all rooflights and flat roof lights in each London property done using best-quality materials. With excellent thermal performance and full compliance to building regulations, Glass Squad rooflights in London homes always make a great addition to homes or workspaces

Flat Roof Lights London For Stunning Scenes

When it comes to visually stunning and light creating flat rooflights in London homes, we know how to deliver. From closed in, darker spaces we can fit roof light windows in London properties that add a transformative effect to any room in the home. With a seamless installation and design, whether a rooflight in a London, or larger flat roof lights for your London townhouse, we guarantee quality results and water right guarantees.

Customised Quality for Rooflights Windows of All Styles

With a choice of sizes and styles, our rooflights in London are made to measure and focused on customised, bespoke customer specifications. Using high end materials and innovative work techniques, our installation experts offer rooflights that work for any London property. Whether you’re looking for modernising glass roof lights to illuminate your London kitchen we will customise with care, and deliver with quality.

Why use Rooflights in London?

Looking for a way to bring more natural light into your home, but don’t want additional windows? If the answer is ‘yes’, the rooflights in your London home could provide the solution. For many years, rooflights in London properties of many styles and sizes have been used, but as technology advances, the rooflights available to London customers offer more choice and variety, such as double glazed or easy to open designs. From dormer rooms to flat roofs, flat roof lights in London offer more light with no extra windows. In some cases, planning for windows is not granted, so flat roof lights for London homes provide the only solution. Whatever the reason for getting roof light windows in London, our high quality manufactured products can deliver the light you want, and the look you prefer. If space is an issue, our range of flat roof lights for London customers can help convert your attic space, or even transform commercial properties, so contact us to discuss our rooflights, available all across London.

Why should you consider roof lights London for your project?

Why should you consider rooflights in your London property? Great question, let’s answer it.

Rooflights in London homes offer many benefits and advantages. Whether it’s flat rooflights in your London home, they provide a free source of unlimited, natural light, helping you cut down on electricity bills, while providing a number of health benefits over artificial lighting. Rooflights in London homes also provide environmental benefits by less use of electricity or harmful fossil fuels. Flat roof lights, and other rooflights in London homes are a useful design too, used by architects to provide a unique aesthetic, using rooflights to bring extra character and life to a space. Additionally, using rooflights and rooflights for flat roofs in Lonon homes helps increase the feeling of space into a room, as roof light windows in London can make a room seem more open, considerably larger, more spacious and less cramped. Our rooflights in London properties are designed to match perfectly with our windows and doors, providing a suite of matching products which are perfectly adaptable to any project. Call us today for all your rooflight needs in London, we’re here to shed light on your home.

Double glazing rooflight & Triple glazing rooflight

Double Glazing Rooflight

When it comes to letting sunlight into your home all year round, double glazing rooflights in London homes are the answer. Our high quality range of flat roof lights for London properties of all kinds includes the most efficient and elegant double glazed roof lights for pitched roofs, flat roofs and new build extensions.

One of our best double glazed rooflights for London homes is the roof lanterns, which look stunning. Our aluminium roof lanterns are slimline and strong, with no wooden or plastic elements to rot or discolour. Available in a four panel configuration for smaller roofs, or with more panes for larger lanterns, our roof lantern rooflights for London properties are great for aesthetics and thermally efficient. For flat or pitched roofs (up to 25 degree pitch) people looking for rooflights for their London home should consider our all-aluminium contemporary roof light, great for London homes of many kinds.

Triple Glazing Rooflight

When it comes to rooflights and flat roof lights in London, triple glazed offer energy efficiency above that of double glazed, with 5% of all windows bought in the UK triple glazed. For high quality, triple glazed rooflights in London homes, this is also great for keeping heat in and cold out. With our rooflights and flat rooflights in London homes, that additional pane of glass in a window unit will improve heat retention substantially and ensure the room below is warmer- a lifesaver during the cold winter months. The spaces between the three panes of glass in a triple-glazed window unit are commonly filled with a gas to improve insulation further, another benefit of triple glazed rooflights in London homes.

Where Should your Rooflights London be located?

When it comes to rooflights in London homes, getting maximum natural daylight from above is important for the look you want to create in your home. With every new build project, start by looking at the direction of the windows and the sun, which should directly affect where the roof light windows in your London home are installed. Although skylights and flat rooflights in London properties let in light all day, the direction your home faces effects brightness at different times of the day.

For all rooflights and rooflights for flat roofs in London properties, such as flat roof lights on some of our London kitchen extensions, consider what time of day you want natural light flooding in, when it would benefit you most for your lifestyle. Then you should consider the orientation of the building and where to put the rooflight to make this vision a reality, all great tips when installing rooflights in London homes, all things that should be considered.

Flat Glass Rooflights


When it comes to rooflights in modern London buildings, they are ideal due to the slim, clean lines and contemporary frames, designed to match modern building construction styles. These kinds of flat rooflights in London homes also offer the advantage of being rarely seen from the garden so they do not obstruct upstairs windows due to their 15cm upstand. If you want a more modern and sleek design the flat glass rooflight in your London home may be just what you need, providing an uninterrupted, clear view to the sky, with an unobstructed view to the outside.


A benefit of installing flat glass rooflights in your London home is that they allow the maximum possible light into your residence, making them ideal for spaces that feel too small or dark. If you choose a flat glass rooflight for your London property manufactured with internal dimensions, 25% more natural light could flood into your room than you would get from other flat roof windows. For these rooflights in London homes, different shapes allow more flexibility in how the light is used within the space, with long, thin rooflights in many London properties helping to illuminate the space, creating a gorgeous, natural light filled oasis of space during all daylight hours.

Considerations When Adding A Rooflight To Your Extension

If you’re looking to create a brighter living space and upgrade your extension, a flat rooflight in your London home will provide gorgeous, unbroken natural light, but you must know your options. Our experts can discuss and advise you on options for flat roof lights, roof light windows and all rooflights available for your London property. Our rooflights team in London are on hand to guide you through all your questions about getting rooflights in your London home.

For homeowners building a new extension getting all your options for rooflights in your London property is an important starting point, with building control and structural engineering to be considered, when you install rooflights in any existing London property. Making the right choice of rooflights in your London house is so important, so being informed matters. When it comes to installing rooflights in your London home, the aim is to get the most light, which is why our rooflights experts recommend our customers consider the adjacent elements in the building and the interior design of the new space, when selecting their rooflight shape and size.

For some customers, their rooflight in their London home is installed to align with the size of their dining table or kitchen worktop, which shows how important personal choice is for flat roof lights in London properties. When the location and size of your rooflights in London are decided, it’s time to consider the best style and features that are essential to include. For all your rooflights and roof light windows information and work in London, contact us today and let our experts advise and guide you all the way.

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